Henny Youngman, the king of the one liners, appeared at a Senior Showcase at the Civic Center in 1991. I watched him, Milton Berle, and Red Buttons rehearse their performances several times. His delivery was non-stop so the audience lagged behind in catching his jokes. The laughter gradually built as the seniors were trying to keep up with him (and explain to their spouses what he had just said). I’m sure everyone was waiting for, "Take my wife, please". He just fit it in with the others and kept moving on to the next joke. The one that sticks with me is, "I just got back from a pleasure trip. I drove my mother in law to the airport".

I had seen him countless times on the Ed Sullivan and other shows and he always had his violin tucked under  his arm but I never saw him play it. I was determined to get a portrait of the violinist. He mostly wanted to make faces though. He finally did it. I asked him if Uncle Milty would come by my set up and pose for me. He said, "He won't do it, he's an asshole".