Abbie Hoffman posed a few feet from the set of WFSU-TV when it was located in Dodd Hall at FSU in 1981. They were waiting for him to move to the set for an interview immediately prior to his speech at RDA. He kept weaving forward and backward which is impossible for a view camera photograph. I heard later that he'd thrown some back before hand. When I finally got him to hold still he held his hands at arms length. I told him that his hands would just be blurry globs. He said "You're the artist, you deal with it" while he was being anxiously summoned to the television set. I asked him to at least draw his hands back toward his face. He had started moving back and forth again so I had to guess when he moved through the focus zone. After the TV show he went across the street to RDA to a packed house and had the audience howling with laughter. Figuring that I didn't get the shot I tried to get him to pose afterward but he was being pulled so many directions. I friend of mine once asked when did I get epiphanies in my work. I thought for a long time and the only answer I could think of was when I turned the light on in my darkroom and inspected that wet negative. He's in sharp focus from his finger prints to his eyes. It's probably the luckiest shot I'll ever have. Later I asked him to sign my copy of Steal This Book. He signed it "Abbie Hoffman sucks!" and he didn't give my pencil back. On a subsequent visit he again worked a capacity crowd at RDA into hysterics. Later I met him to autograph a copy of the portrait. He signed it "BOO! Abbie Hoffman".